Wisconsin Hunting

So I had never been hunting until this Fall. I really enjoyed getting out in the Wisconsin wilderness to have some time with the guys and the dog. I will say that I now understand the true thrill of the hunt, even though I was just sort of tagging along and wasn’t handling a gun. With a nice bike ride, bonfire, and campfire supper (pizza,pasta, fig bars, and beer), my buddy Jon and I had a pleasantly cold night of sleep next to the fire….so romantic, I know.

We woke up to a pretty cold morning, thankfully we had a big thermos of hot coffee waiting for us after we paddled through the sludge in the marsh out to the duck blind.


 After the sun started coming up, it was time to have the weapons ready for ambush…


 All the while the dog (Picker) has been poised and ready to chase down a bird ever since we set foot into the duck blind.

Oh look! BIRDS!

It turns out they were a couple of Trumpeter Swans and Sandhill Cranes, neither of which are legal to hunt in Wisocnsin. Damn. This and a bunch of open skies were about all we saw for the rest of the morning. So we decided that a warm breakfast and cutting down some dead trees for firewood would be a good alternative for the rest of our morning.

As you can see, this marsh appears to be quite dry for a marsh. This is due to the severe drought we have been having this year. Hopefully next year there will be more water and more birds to make some tasty stews with. I had a great time gettin’ at it with my buddy Jon, his dad, and their dog Picker. I’m looking forward to my next outdoor escapade this winter. WINTER CAMPING!

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